Data Warehousing

Halo Source

High performance Core with Data Aggregation, ETL, OLAP and More

Halo Source is a powerful data aggregation and analysis engine at the core of Halo Business Intelligence. Built on top of industry standard SQL technologies, Halo Source provides enterprise-grade data mashup, warehousing and analysis with outstanding flexibility and ease-of-use.

Key Features

  • Intuitive wizards and quick-click interface; no programming skills or specialized training required
  • Advanced SQL conversion engine: Create source AS400, Oracle and SQL Server syntax for common operations
  • Interactive, easy-to-use development and debugging environment
  • Stores everything in a single file for exceptional portability and extensibility
  • Extended ETL (Extract Transform Load) environment, from extraction through cube building and schedule automation
  • Creates and maintains a ‘single version of the truth’ for multiple reporting interfaces

Agile Implementation

These days the business that’s quick on its feet is the business that succeeds. One of Halo Source’s best features is quick implementation. With pre-built data marts for most common business operations – sales, financials, accounts payable, accounts receivable, manufacturing, supplier scorecards, and so on – you can literally drop Halo Source in place and be producing results in just days – not weeks or months.

Integrated Data Quality Tools

Halo BI helps tackle the problem of bad data by providing a suite of integrated data quality tools. With Halo Source data quality tools you can profile your data, perform pattern analysis, clean and enrich it quickly, easily and without spending tens (or hundreds) of thousands of additional dollars on third party data quality systems, staff training and support.

A Single Repository With Open Access

One of the basic foundations of Halo BI is freeing you to use your business data the way you want. Halo Source builds a common repository that allows you to work with your information with a myriad of information access and visualization tools. Not just Halo’s Prism Dashboard and Reporting, but Microsoft Analysis and Reporting Services, Excel Pivot Tables, and hundreds of third party applications. No matter how your team chooses to work with your enterprise data, Halo Source ensures everyone has the same set of metrics, rules and assumptions to help them meet common goals.

Flexible and Easy to Tailor

With Halo Source you don’t need advanced skills in scripting, SQL or MDX query languages. Source’s Wizard-driven interface lets you walk through the data extraction, dimension and cube design process with nothing more than a few mouse clicks needed to create production-quality data marts and custom cubes. Halo Source also allows you to build in your own custom business logic so you can analyze your data your way, not someone else’s. Best of all, Halo Source handles all of the heavy lifting for you, generating clean, fully self-documented projects that can be copied, distributed, deployed and archived with ease.

Power and Scalability Without Sacrifice

It’s no secret that traditional business intelligence systems are big resource hogs that get bogged down over time. That’s why the Halo Source engine was engineered from the ground up to deliver the best possible combination of performance and scalability. Whether it’s a modest departmental implementation or a massive multi-divisional deployment, Halo Source won’t force you to make trade-offs that sacrifice speed for power or flexibility for functionality.

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