Data Visualization

Halo Prism

See your information in a new light

Your data is only as valuable as the insight you glean from it. Halo Prism delivers a full spectrum of interactive dashboards and reporting options coupled with built-in collaboration tools that not only let you visualize your information, but discuss it and assign tasks and track results without leaving Prism.

Clean, Intuitive Interface

Forget dashboards crammed with widgets and confusing, unnecessarily complicated graphics. Halo Prism offers a clean, uncluttered interface designed to let you see what’s important without useless special effects and visual distractions. Created by a dedicated information design team, Halo Prism is also completely customizable and 100% mobile. Handy theme switchers and layout templates let you optimize your dashboards for any and all the devices you’re using — desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Tabbed Views Across Cubes

Halo Prism offers tabbed browsing that let you see your data from multiple angles within a single clickable interface. Great for division managers, executives and other decision-makers, Halo Prism tabs let you browse across multiple cubes and follow your entire business process — customers, sales, open orders, AP/AR, financial analysis, you name it — with just a single selection.

100% Mobile BI, 100% App free

Built on a modern web-based HTML5 and AJAX platform, Halo Prism delivers full dynamic display and data drill down capabilities to any device — desktop, tablet, and smartphone — with no apps or special software required. All you need is a web browser.

Self-Serve Dashboard Customization

With Prism’s quick start dashboard templates, you’re up and running fast. Begin with a standard framework for a role-based dashboard — Sales, Financials, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, KPI tiles, etc. — and customize from there. Best of all customizing your dashboards are as easy as drag and drop — no need to bother your friends in the IT department.

Export your data and insights to Excel

Halo Prism makes it easy to share your dashboards, reports and insights with everyone even if they’re not a Halo Prism user. Prism’s powerful Excel export functions let you take all your aggregated data and export them to Excel as charts, graphs and tables, complete with all of the relevant data underneath. No more input errors, formula problems, or missing data points — just a single version of the truth for all to see.

Share, Collaborate and Take Action

Business Intelligence is only as powerful as the human intelligence it empowers. Communication tools like email and phone calls are great, but most of the real insight and decisions gleaned from them are disconnected from BI, or worse yet, lost altogether. Prism’s built-in collaboration tool, Halo Rings, doesn’t just make it easy to share dashboard views with colleagues, but also delivers the tools to discuss what you’re seeing, solve problems and track the results without ever leaving Prism.

Powerful Reporting

Halo Prism reporting enhances the industry-standard Microsoft Analysis Services and Reporting Services by making it fast and simple to create sophisticated Reporting Services templates directly from their Halo Prism views. Browser-based, Halo Prism’s self-serve tools let users create on-demand and scheduled reports in just minutes with little or no training required. Halo Prism Reports can also be output in a variety of formats including Microsoft Excel, PDF, and HTML, allowing them to go desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets and smartphones without cross-platform compatibility problems.

Download the Halo Prism cut sheet (pdf format)