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Radically simple data warehouse automation. Visually appealing data discovery and reporting in an easy to use tool. Halo BI is a holistic technology for a complete business intelligence solution.
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Halo for Supply Chain

Purpose-built tools and analytics extend visibility into key data resources allowing companies to plan, evaluate and monitor their supply chain and maximize financial, operational and customer outcomes.
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Halo Advisory Services

Leverage industry experts to help you reduce costs and optimize cash flow by implementing the ultimate information management and analytic system for your supply chain strategy.
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How Mature is your Business Intelligence?

To help you assess your BI implementation and develop a roadmap for the future, Halo BI has developed the Halo Business Intelligence Maturity Model™.

The Halo BI Maturity Model allows you to evaluate the state of your company's BI maturity on four dimensions: Data, Analytics, Collaboration and Dissemination.

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Halo BI Blog

Infographic: Data Quality in BI the Costs and Benefits

It’s a dirty (not so little, not so secret) secret that most organization’s systems are chocked full of erroneous, missing and incomplete data. But when you’ve got dirty data all you’ve got is bad business intelligence. Here’s an infographic with the costs and benefits of data quality in BI. Click here for the PDF version… [read more]

Who do you love: Metrics and KPIs for Valentine’s Day

Bo Diddley made that song famous a couple decades back. Now the online dating sites claim to answer that for you with math – but I don’t buy it. There are still some mysteries in the universe that big data can’t solve. But, we can put all the lonely hearted data scientists to work this… [read more]

10 Supply Chain KPIs You’ll Want Every Morning

A quick scan of the Internet will yield a long-list of “biggest supply chain fails.” A few of the most infamous are listed below. The common thread – each of these disasters created huge and lasting injuries to the companies. Would access to better supply chain and IT performance information have helped avert or mitigate… [read more]

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Supply Chain KPI's

Go beyond canned KPI’s and pre-built analytics and understand your business the way that makes the most sense to you.

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Halo News

Halo BI Announces the Latest Release of Prism 8

Halo Business Intelligence announces the release of Prism 8 as part of the Halo 2014 product launch Prism 8 contains a variety of product enhancements designed to improve performance and usability. Many of these enhancements are a direct result of customer feedback. At Halo BI, we strive to create product releases that contain features that… [read more]

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