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  • A Holistic BI Platform:

    Halo Business Intelligence

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  • Eliminate Bad Data:

    Data Quality Built In

    Forget about dirty data making for bad BI. Halo has data quality tools built-in

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    100% Mobile Analytics

    Halo’s browser based front end means you can access and share information anywhere, anytime you need to.

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    Identify New Opportunities

    Use The Halo Business Intelligence Maturity Model™ to develop a BI roadmap to meet your organization’s ongoing and future reporting and analytics needs.

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    The Wheat Group

    Watch and learn how The Wheat Group increased division sales by 20% with Halo BI.

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Halo for your Department

Business Intelligence tailored for your role

Halo BI comes with Pre-built role-based data marts and dashboard templates to give your team the most relevant information possible.

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Halo for your Industry

BI built for your vertical

Metrics and KPI's for every major vertical, Halo lets you analyze information in a way that makes sense for your industry.

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Halo for your Data Environment

Connect to any Data Source

Aggregate data from hundreds of data sources, combining and analyzing all of the information your business collects.

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Halo Platform Components

Halo Rays

Aggregate BI data from virtually any information source

Combine all your data—big, little and in-between—for a single holistic view of your business

Halo automates and simplifies the extraction and integration of data from hundreds of sources — operational applications, corporate databases, Big Data spigots, cloud systems, social media, spreadsheets, flat files and more. With Halo there's departmental BI silos and informational blindspots are gone. Everyone can have a complete view of the business across departments, top to bottom, beginning to end.

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Halo Source

High Performance Data Warehouse, ETL and OLAP Cubes

Ultra High Performance ETL, Data Warehousing, OLAP Cubes and Analytics

Halo Source is a powerful data aggregation and analysis engine at the core of Halo Business Intelligence.

Built on top of industry standard SQL technologies, Halo Source provides enterprise-grade data mashup, warehousing and analysis with outstanding flexibility and ease-of-use.

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Halo Prism

Halo Prism BI dashboards, visualization, KPIs and reports

100% mobile dashboards, reports and collaboration

Halo Prism lets you see the full spectrum of your business through interactive visualizations of organization's data, trends and key metrics.

Browser-based and integrated with Halo's powerful decision support tool, Halo Rings, Prism delivers your insights and lets you work with your colleagues from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Halo Rings

Collaboration and decision support for Halo business intelligence

Where Business Intelligence Meets Human Intelligence

Your business intelligence is only as good as the people who use it. Halo BI goes beyond the usual dashboards and emailed reports with a built-in collaboartion and decision support system called Halo Rings.

Work smarter by sharing dashboards, discussing what you're seeing, assigning tasks, and even monitoring results all from within Halo BI. No more missed phone calls, forgotten IM's, or lost emails.

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Halo Span

Extend your business inteliigence to suppliers, customers, partners and more

Extend Business Intelligence access to your suppliers, partners, customers and more

Extend the Halo Business Intelligence platform beyond the walls of your organization. Halo Span lets you safely and securely share business intelligence data with remote offices, partners, suppliers and customers, helping you all make smarter, more timely business decisions.

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Halo BI Blog

Implementing Sales and Operations Planning, Why Oh Why is it so difficult?

Sometimes the hardest part about implementing Sales and Operations Planning (or any project) is just getting started A few weeks ago I was thinking about conversations I’ve been having with clients in the early stages of implementing an S&OP strategy. They were relying on a phased approach and they knew that they needed an integrated… [read more]

Halo News

Halo Business Intelligence Announces Partnership With eBECS Ltd

Microsoft Award-Winning ERP Reseller Partners With Halo BI to Offer a Holistic Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform San Diego, CA, July. 16, 2014 Halo Business Intelligence (Halo BI), a global provider of business intelligence and analytics software, announced today its partnership with eBECS Ltd., a highly successful Microsoft Dynamics Partner with headquarters in the United… [read more]

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