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  • A Single Solution For Your Entire Organization

    Enterprise Class BI and Analytics Software built to suit your business needs.

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  • 100% Mobile Analytics

    Halo’s browser based front end means you can access and share information anywhere, anytime you need to.

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  • Data Quality Built In

    Forget about dirty data making for bad BI. Halo has data quality tools built-in

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  • Identify New Opportunities

    Use The Halo Business Intelligence Maturity Model™ to develop a BI roadmap to meet your organization’s ongoing and future reporting and analytics needs.

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    The Wheat Group

    Watch and learn how The Wheat Group increased division sales by 20% with Halo BI.

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Halo for your Department

Business Intelligence tailored for your role

Halo BI comes with Pre-built role-based data marts and dashboard templates to give your team the most relevant information possible.

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Halo for your Industry

BI built for your vertical

Metrics and KPI's for every major vertical, Halo lets you analyze information in a way that makes sense for your industry.

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Halo for your Data Environment

Connect to any Data Source

Aggregate data from hundreds of data sources, combining and analyzing all of the information your business collects.

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How Mature is your Business Intelligence?

To help you assess your BI implementation and develop a roadmap for the future, Halo BI has developed the Halo Business Intelligence Maturity Model™.

The Halo BI Maturity Model allows you to evaluate the state of your company's BI maturity on four dimensions: Data, Analytics, Collaboration and Dissemination.

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Halo BI Blog

Intelligence Input = Sales Output

As true today as it was 50 years ago? Time capsules can be interesting. They can also be humbling. More on that in a moment. When we hear time capsule, most of us think of a dented iron box filled with photos, knick-knacks and documents buried under the cornerstone of the courthouse in a Midwestern… [read more]

Five Tips to consider when designing Supply Chain Key Performance Indicators

You can’t predict anything with 100% certainty, and your predictive power wanes the farther out you gaze. The study of KPIs over time is all about finding patterns and signals, then applying intelligence in order to make better decisions and gain wisdom. In a previous post I focused on the pitfalls associated with supply chain… [read more]

Supply Chain Business Intelligence is more than just Technology

Successful implementation of Supply Chain Business Intelligence requires more than just a technology platform Once a company decides to evaluate a BI system to enhance their supply chain applications, typically the specifications for the physical implementation are dictated by the IT department, and requires their buy-in. The physical implementation of the BI software by the… [read more]

Featured White Paper

Supply Chain KPI's

Go beyond canned KPI’s and pre-built analytics and understand your business the way that makes the most sense to you.

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Halo News

Halo Business Intelligence Announces Partnership With eBECS Ltd

Microsoft Award-Winning ERP Reseller Partners With Halo BI to Offer a Holistic Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform San Diego, CA, July. 16, 2014 Halo Business Intelligence (Halo BI), a global provider of business intelligence and analytics software, announced today its partnership with eBECS Ltd., a highly successful Microsoft Dynamics Partner with headquarters in the United… [read more]

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Join our world class partner program and help your customers succeed with better business intelligence.

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